Relationship: Five(5) Sexy texts to get Your Guy hot!

Texts to get him hot – Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or looking to add extra touch of kinky to your relationship, s£xting is the way to go. It’s free and easy to do — all you need is a bit of imagination and Snapchat. You also want to add enough s£x appeal so he doesn’t freak out (hey, you want to get him hot, not bothered). The goal is to make him feel like he wants to pin you against the wall and kiss you passionately after s£xting — not question your s£xual prowess. Here are some s£xts to get you started: “Thinking of you makes me so hot my thighs are tingling.” This s£xt will set the mood. That’s the trick about s£xting, you have to ease into it. You can’t just abruptly mention putting his private in your mouth and giving him a BJ. Men need us to set the mood just as much as we need them to. “My n1pples are hard, are you?” This visual language will depict your succulent breastesses (copyright: Jay Z) and he will eat it up. It also eases you into the heavier s£xting that’s to come. Small breasts or big breasts, most men love to think about them and play with them. When they do, they’re often rearing to go. A pic showing off the curve of your back. You can’t have s£xting without pics, and I’ve been told by men that the curve of a woman’s back is one of the s£xiest parts of the female form. The reason? It’s subtle. The image leaves an impression, since it comes right before your Latina rump. This will also cool him down. You don’t want him too hot before you’re done with him.... “I’m licking my lips and thinking of your d–k.” Speaking of what’s to come, when a man thinks of a woman’s mouth he often associates it with his Johnson. This s£xt will elevate your convo as he imagines you licking his lollipop. You should also say that you’re licking his lollipop. It will rev him up for the next s£xt. Think of this as third base.