5 Things Having Sex Before Marriage Can Result To

Proverbs 6 vs 32 – whosoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding, a wound and reproach shall he get all the days of his life. People now commiting pre marital sex and sexual immorality this days and they all see it as being morally okay. But its so unfortunate that this so called enjoyment and okay lifestyles comes with a curse,

DELAYED MARRIAGE – especially to the ladies, when they reach 30 years and they are no suitor they will now move from one prayer houses to another seeking help and blaming their misfortune to their village and family people. This is a lamentation

ACADEMIC DECLINE – This is also another deadly effect of sexual immorality especially to those who were called by God. Majority of Students now are dropping out from the university, graduating with third class, and the undergraduates with low C.G.P.A, some write jamb for 6 years without admission when their mates are going higher. They fail to realize that God had cursed the disobedient who refused to keep his commandments to abstain from fornication. (1 thessalonians 4 vs 3). What an anguish!

STAGNATION – here is another stigma of those whose life and future have been wrecked by adultery. You will be in the same low position for 10 years. Your business is not moving, your financial life is still in a morribund, your mates are buying land, and building houses and youre still in that one room apartment as a tenant. Dude calm down, your life of sexual immorality has place you in such an awful condition.

DISAPPOINTMENTS IN BUSINESS – especially to those who normally patronizes prostitutes. every where you go and in all your endeavours you will be disappointed, you will be denied any form of help. Your business will be going down. why? Check yourself out

BARRENESS – majority of divorce cases roots down to barreness as the cause. Your husband (who is an unbeliever) will kick you out if you cant give him kids and bring another woman to your marital home. Dont worry, you used to commit abortions and commit sexual immorality with men who is up to be your grandfather.

SPIRITUAL DECLINE – you will be seeing yourself being chased by masquerades, and unclean animals in dream because your spirit is dead. Witches and wizards will be using you anyhow they like.
Proverbs 6 vs 26 – for by means of a whorish woman, a man is reduced to a piece of bread and the adultress will hunt for his precious life.
Sexual immorality is a sin that destroys the future. Repent from it and turn to God and He will restore back all you have lost.
Thannks For Reading.. Hope you're gonna abide though...