LADIES: Ways To Always Get Your Partners Attention

Every lady knows getting a guy’s attention and holding can be a real struggle. As what the ladies really need from their man is his attention which could be really frustrating if you dn't get it.
However, it is still doable, you can get your man’s attention, hold it and get him to really REALLY listen by using the following tips.

  1. Get their attention- In order to get your man to listen to you, you have to pick a time when he is available. Therefore, avoid trying to discuss a topic with your spouse when he is watching a football game as this is totally ineffective.
  2. Do not beat around the bush- While talking to a man, do not beat around the bush. You may find this difficult because women are known to spend an inordinate amount of time beating around the bush, however, you have to get straight to the point in order for your man to listen.
  3. Stop talking- Unfortunately, women are talkers so, it is quite common for a woman to go on and on even she has already made her point. By doing this, you lose his attention and might give him time to rethink and change his opinion. So, once you have made your point and everyone agrees with you, STOP TALKING.
       4 Be audible– Studies in neonatal clinics have found that men do not hear as well as women. So, speak up if you want to a man to hear you.

Hopes these helps though. be free to drop your comments and feed backs :p