Gospel Song: Download Twale By Flo + Lyrics

The evergreen masterpiece “Twale” by songwriter, singer and producer FLO (real name Nathan Oluniyi Akiremi) off his last album ‘Sanctioned’ released September 1, 2012 looks be a worship anthem that won’t leave the lips of true worshipers in a long while.

Gospel Song: Download Twale By Flo + Lyrics
Gospel Song: Download Twale By Flo + Lyrics
FLO has been into the music and production business for over two decades. Besides being an accomplished Producer, Sound Engineer, Singer and Songwriter. He has written, co-written, produced and worked with countless number of artists including ‘Shalamar’, ‘Efe’, ‘Ibiyemi’, ‘Wale Adenuga’, ‘Dekunle Fuji’, ‘Sammie Okposo’, ‘Mike Aremu’, ‘Tosin Martins’, ‘BOUQUI’, ‘Aaron T Aaron’, ‘Vivien Stephen’, ‘Kore’, ‘Onos Bikawei’ and many more.
He produced five songs for the Group MIDNIGHT CREW and also wrote a song for the group. He has received several awards to his credit as a singer and producer as well. In June 2011, his song ‘You are Lord’ topped the charts on the acclaimed site ‘OURSTAGE.com’ and won the Grand Prize of $1,000.
Also within the same time frame, he was awarded ‘The PRODUCER of the year’ by SAMSUNG. FLO has also received numerous nominations for being one of the best producers of his time.
He is known for his crisp, crunchy and FAT mixes and mastering. As MTV Base once put it, ‘Whenever there’s excellence, FLO isn’t far from it!’
He has three (3) albums to his credit – The OverFLO, Another christmas according to FLO and his latest ”Sanctioned”. His sound is distinct and precise. FLO also has a passion to teach both Artists and Engineers in the production field as well.
According to the music minister, “when all has been said and done, it all boils down to the Father of all creation. My ministry and life is solely dedicated to His service’.
Read Lyrics Below:
If I was an eagle, I would lift myself Spread my wings and fly
If I was a lion, I would run into the jungle And give the loudest growl
And if I was the sun, yes I would rise early in the morning And shine my light so bright
If I was an angel, I would sound the alarm For the whole of creation to bow at your feet..
Kabiyesi Olu orun, I have come to give you twale
To give you worship
Kabiyesi Olu orun, I have come to give you twale
To give you worship
If I was a little child, I would sing and shout for joy
If I was a stallion o, I would use my four horse power
If I was a shining star, I would illuminate everywhere
And if I was the son of a governor
I would make everybody troway salute o
And if I could control the times, I would go back to the garden of eden
I will give you the worship that only you deserve, YES!
I will look for beautiful names like Alade wura o
Yes I will go on soun and patewo iye Gbe oruko re ga o
Only a fool will look into the heavens and say there is no God
Only a mad man will look into the sea And claim that the fishes are a mistake
Even thebaba alawos can testify that there is only one Jehovah
So who are you to tell me that my Yahweh, my Tsidkenu doesn’t exist
He is a consuming fire o,
Yes He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah
He alone shall I serve For the rest of my days
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