Song: Download If God Be For Me By Frank Edward + Lyrics

If God Be For Me By Frank Edward
If God Be For Me - Frank Edward

Frank Edward outdoes himself in a new classical piece aptly titled If God Be For Me. A truly epic song which bellies a reassuring message of hope: No matter the life, business, career or marital situation we find ourselves in, If God be for me… then no one and nothing can go against us; a perfect message/companion for the season and march into the new year

Having the thoughts that this his track is going to be the last release for the 2015? or what do you think. This his track "If God Be For Me" portrays some classical instrumental and features and an amazing lyrics.. I think the Gospel Star is taking his songs to a new CLASSICAL LEVEL as used for this track and i think the listeners are going to keep this song on repeat!.

The Rocktown boss is also gearing towards the release of his next (4th studio) album and  Rocktown‘s debut compilation album, both slated for next year release. ‘If God be for Me’ is a glimpse of what to expect in the forthcoming game changing albums

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