How Could Your Phone Tie You Down Without Adding Any Value

How your phone tied you down to a place

It sounds awkward but have you ever thought of it? how your phone made you stay in a place for hours without gaining anything but loss of time and resources. It's becoming an addiction for so many people especially for the young men and women. It's now an addict that you are not even conscious of anymore while doing it.

Just at the early of the Afternoon lying on my bed reading, I just said let me check through our favorite social network Facebook and see if i have got new updates (I still don't know why i check that every minute  like am expecting something new rather than the usual updates from friends - comment if you know why :p) and do you know what? i ended up spending 30-40 minutes going through my news feed! But that wasn't the plan initially, just as at that something struck me and echoed "Do you realize how long you've been lying on your bed with small a mobile phone of the size of your palms tied to a spot without achieving nothing?

The whole cover of this post is pointing towards OUR TIME AND WHAT WE ESPECIALLY THE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN DO WITH IT.
We the young ones think it's a form of relaxation sitting comfortably on the couch or lying on our bed with our phones surfing through the world of internet and swimming in the pool of our mobile apps. What if am done with one of my "App on Process" that takes record of how long you spend on your favorite social networks and already shared with you, some of you would be shocked how long you spent on the INTERNET DAILY..

Time they say is Money, the Future they say is NOW: every minute that just past away was a future what could you and what did you do with it? make meaningful purpose of your time while you've still got it, many lost their jobs, failed their exams, lost concentration to do anything because of this! Remember i earlier said I was reading when i decided to check if i have got new updates and spent most time on  it i mean the time i was supposed to use to cover up what i was reading. Till date is still a shock on how a little device you bought with your own money $$$ could keep you down to a place for long without achieving nothing the whole day.

First question you should ask yourself is if what you doing with your phone and time is having a good effect to your nearest future cause whatever input you are adding now will surely result to an output. Every seconds and minutes counts for you to make a better person off your self so don't use it wrongly becoming an addict to a man-made device(mobile phone). On like me I won't bother much cause am a blogger and internet marketer and we make use of the social media a lot for the Day-day business and it will shock you that the same phone you spend hours operating or going through for nothing sake that another is using the same time and phone to make a reputable living off the internet i.e indirectly from you but you don't know!

So ending this post i would share with you guys some online stuffs you could do using the same time you lavish on your phones to earn some bucks $$$ for yourself.

1) Blogging
2) Vlogging
3)  Learn Web Design And Development
4)  Learning Of Core Programming
5)  Learning Of Tutorials For Marketing sake
6)  Selling E books
7) Binary Options
8) Article Writing
9) Administrator
10) Social Media Expert

I could written some little info's about this but they are bunch of topics on these online, so just google it up and read to understand. Though if you would love me to write on them, just use the comment box and specify the one you want me to write on. Thanks :)