JAMB EXAM: How To Read / Prepare For Your Jamb And PostUTME

Preparing your JAMB
Joint Administration And Matriculation Board (JAMB) as we all know takes place every year in Nigeria and has been one of the criteria for proceeding with Admission to any University of your choice in Nigeria , So being successful in your JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam is really a major factor for all aspiring students who tends to further their education, but in recent studies we found out that students especially those who just finished their O'level (Secondary/High School Graduates) become so relaxed forgetting  they've still got an unfinished job to do as they get higher in their studies.  Due to that most of them find it difficult to prepare for their JAMB and wait till when the time it's ticking "RED" before they start gathering their books and end up studying in rush which ain't good.

So in this articles we would help you on some vital preparation techniques that would help you to overcome all these and how to fully prepare for your JAMB and not just Jamb but every other thing related to "EXAMS" .

Preparing For Your JAMB + Every Other EXAMS :

1) Set Out Times Of Study That You Promise Not To Break
       Hey the truth is making a good decision and standing by it will surely better your life. Now as a student you have to set out rules in your study era which includes making decisions on your "STUDY TIME" and be strict in keeping it except that you would find it difficult to study regularly and keep on procrastinating which is too bad for a student. Now i'd advise you set out time at least Five(5) - Eight(8) hours {5-8hrs} a day stretch for your study without side attractions. You may be saying how can i do without side attractions.. oh yes you can if only you are determined to.
You would also be saying how can i do a stretch without lapses. It's also pretty easy if you would learn to do the "SIT AND READ CULTURE".

Now imagine your read for eight hours every day? diluting all what you've got in the syllable in to your brain, what do you think would be the result? Success! Excellence of course! This is hard work and it pays. Apply these and you won't regret it.

          I don't know whats really wrong but why do students just love waiting till it's dying minutes to exams before their "Dying Passion To Read For Exam Gets Activates??" [lolx. you can drop the answer via the comment box if you know].  As we all know the plan proverb that says "FAILING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL" yea it's as simple as that when you start on time you would surely arrive on time, that's how it works for Academics no two ways about it. You might feel you're smart enough to catch up on every thing but i bet you, you cant! the loop holes we surely be their and it will surely show in  your results.

It's too bad waiting till it's close to the exam date. Let's say your exam would commence on March 14 2015, hey you should have started reading from 3-4 months back i.e Dec - January backwards to  the date of your exam if you really need an excellent result. TRY IT!

How To Prepare For Your Exam
Students in preparation for exam

           I can't be preparing for an Senior Secondary Biology exam and am reading a Junior Secondary Integrated Science text book, is that right? No. When you have exams such like JAMB you should the right materials from the right source as they have things like syllabus, recommended handouts and text books which will aid your study in preparation for the exam. When you go on with the mind set of "What they set for us in the waec, neco are as no difference from what we would see" then you've said and planned wrongly.Don't just stay there, Ask questions and know the latest, get the text books required, handouts, past questions especially as it will help you understand how their questions are been drafted out.
    This will surely give you a right mindset and understanding on what you're studying for.

           So are you thinking of where to have culprits? it should be on Good things, birds of the same feathers they say FLOCKS TOGETHER as  your vision brings people of your kind closer to you. Make friends with those of same interest regarding your study cause this one of the motivational ways to have a regular preparation for your exams as they would help keep the fire for study continue in you and the urge to do more. They also help grow your understanding as it is said that "Two Heads Are Better Than One" do things like bringing up technical questions, topics, and even sometimes teach among themselves. So you better go find  culprits for studying in preparation for your exam. THEY ARE GOOD I TELL YOU!

    You might think this actually don't count but it dose. having a good study environment really aids your study, nothing like comfort in working. But you must learn to get adapted to the study life first cause when you are, you could easily find any place as a comfort zone to learn. Many students always had it that "they couldn't study because they didn't have a comfortable place to do that" it's an excuse and don't let that over-ride you anymore. Adapt to the study life 1st, then if opportune go look for a cool place of peace  to your self and study.
I used the line "cool place of peace to your self" because it varies I might prefer to study in a calm place and get it right while the other person prefers to study in a noised-air place and get it right and those who can also do both. All the same make sure you study at comfort zone.

         One who intends doing an academic excellent work should have studied and added an additional knowledge ahead of what the previous candidates had during their time. How can you do this? It's by reviewing their past questions may be at the of each Day's study to make sure of your improvements, check-mating your self both on time management and accuracy. When you actually take on this step, kind of make it real like you're already in the exam hall.. you grab? This would help you as when the exam finally comes, you're just going to see it as one of those "CLASS WORKS" you did at the time of preparation.

          lolz. Like we students do call it "EXAM FEVER" don't let that get you oh.. may be it should come after the exam. lolz. Well what causes exam tension are mostly lack of preparation or late preparation, students who prepare late often rush up everything and when they get into the exam hall they just forget everything they've rushed up! Some students may say mine is become a normal thing for me whether i study or not. Please don't let it cross through your mind, see your exam as a thing of normality and familiar cause they would surely come even in life.
The Best Solution To This: Follow all the steps above. I mean PREPARE FOR YOUR EXAM!

          Relating to JAMB which has different set days for the exam and this has got some students confusing especially those who lost their re-prints that has the date of their exam set day(I'd advise you return back to the office immediately). As a student you should be informed on anything relating to your school/exam stands cause they might be changes and amendments  Do check the portals of the exam registrars, from your fellow students, offices and other reliable source of information. Some students have missed their exams because of this mistake, Don't be like them please ?
|Don't do the same mistake | Be Careful , i mean be INFORMED I MEAN BE PREPARED.

          It won't be nice hearing  you after the exam saying you were not feeling to well during the exam due to the food you ate or something. Be careful of what you take, it is advised not to eat much of snacks (+ junk foods) especially in time of preparation for the exam. But take much of water cause being well hydrated helps your brain free from things like feeling dizzy e.t.c and helps it function well.

       We all know it's that without God we actually ain't moving further though we think we are. For without HIM we would experience impossibilities, but with HIM every thing shall be possible. He's the author of it all, for He has a pen of a Lady Writer.
If you be a Christian then  you mostly is in need of the Holy Spirit to get there..He is the helper: Remembrance  membrane can only be found in Him. Don't take it personal please all am saying is you have to get close to your GOD for every success you need both in your academics and Life.

Thanks for taking out your time to read through the post , hope you were blessed?? I hope so too. Encourage us by DROPPING YOUR COMMENTS below: on whatever you think or need assistance on any thing, we would be glad to help in whatever way we can and do ensure to always come back for more.