William McDowell Welcomes New Baby Girl

The gospel star William McDowell was blessed with with a bouncing baby Girl. A cute one, what a blessing from God. Her Photo below:

William McDowell Welcomes New Baby Girl
William McDowell Welcomes New Baby Girl

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He Captioned 
Joy is here! 
8lbs 3oz
It happened so fast that it almost happened in the car! We got to the hospital, I dropped my wife off and parked. When I came in she was at registration and was walking over to triage to do the initial examination when she said OMG my water just broke and I feel the head! She was standing up at the time 😳 
They barely had time to get her to a room in triage. The baby was coming out before she could get to the bed!!!!! She laid on the bed and 2 minutes later the baby was out! She got to the room at 2:55am and baby Joy was born at 2:57am! Thank you Jesus! What a night. Joy has already brought us joy. #ilovemywife #ilovemykids

Woow! Her name is Joy.

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