Glo Now Leads With Hot And Cheap Data Plans: 2gb,6gb,10GB, 12GB, 18GB, 24GB

Hi guys.. Its another data saga from our Unlimited Network - GLO .
This data plans are the Cheapest so far, beating all its competitors in the game  and seems too good to be true to some folks till now.. but a try after reading this post will fully convince you.

Glo Now Leads With Hot And Cheap Data Plans: 2gb,6gb,10GB, 12GB, 18GB, 24GB
Glo Now Leads With Hot And Cheap Data Plans: 2gb,6gb,10GB, 12GB, 18GB, 24GB

Alright lets get to it.. You better go grab your glo sim now and ride with me on this.
It was a surprise even to me till i dialed the Data subscription code *777# and saw what i never expected!

Glo new cheap data plan subscription code
Glo new cheap data plan subscription code

Though Glo has a run out in the mouth of many of not having a good network coverage in some areas of the country, they should better fix it up, so it could match up with Data and Bonus offers they give.
Well for those of you who have a better coverage of the network you're going to enjoy this plans more.

What You Should Know About The New Glo Data Plans

You can now enjoy 2gb of data with the same 1000 naira used for getting 1.5gb before.
You can also get 6gb worth of data with N200 on your glo line. I think this is a cool deal that is unprecedented.
Am not done yet, do you know you can get a whooping 10gb worth of internet data with just N2500? OMG! Yes it is now happening on the globacom network and with N3000 you will be offered a huge 12gb data for browsingR .WHAT?? BUT THAT IS THE TRUTH!.
Now if you are a very heavy internet user like me, i think 18gb will be a cool OFFER for you at least for a period of one month. This particular data plan goes for just N4000. Mean while, if you download a lot, you should look into the 24gb for N5000 and 48gb  for N8000.

All the Data packages last for 30 days, so relax and flex it. Below is their various prises and subscription codes..

Glo Data Plans, Cost, Data Size And Durability
1. N1000 = 2GB valid for 30 days
2. N2000 = 6GB valid for 30 days
3. N2500 = 10GB valid for 30 days
4. N3000 = 12GB valid for 30 days
5. N4000 = 18GB valid for 30 days
6. N5000 = 24GB valid for 30 days
7. N8000 = 48GB valid for 30 days


1. N1000 = 2GB  - *127*53# or Send 53 to 127
2. N2000 = 6GB  -  *127*55# or Send 55 to 127
3. N2500 = 10GB  -  *127*58# or Send 58 to 127
4. N3000 = 12GB  -  *127*54# or Send 54 to 127
5. N4000 = 18GB  -  *127*59# or Send 59 to 127
6. N5000 = 24GB  -  *127*2# or Send
7. N8000 = 48GB  -  *127*1# or Send

These are some extras incase you're interested :)
N15,000 = 60GB - *127*12#
N18,000 = 90GB - *127*13#

Remember all are valid for 30 Days.. Hurry now and Enjoy these offers while it lasts.

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