HOT: How To Get Whatscall Unlimited Credits On Android

In our last article, we dicussed about WhatsCall app that let’s you make free calls with anyone at home and abroad with no extra charges on Android devices. Today, i will be showing you how to get free WhatsCall Unlimited credits that will enable you carry out free calling on the app.

Usually, to get credits to make free calls, you will have to preform certain tasks. Though 100 credits are given to WhatsCall users daily, it is seldom enough to go by. Also, the tasks are not really difficult to accomplish, but what if it is possible to get free WhatsCall unlimited credits doing nothing? This is an easy trick that worked well with either rooted or non-rooted devices.
WhatsCall Unlimited Credits With GMD Speed Time App (Root)
GMD speed time will help you increase your credit within minutes but this app requires that your device has root access for it to work. It works by increasing your device clock speed. Your device will be showing wrong time when you start GMD Speed time app but will be restored when you stop the service. Meanwhile, your WhatsCall app, while viewing ads, will be done with speed making you to get unlimited credits. Follow the steps below:

HOT: How To Get Whatscall Unlimited Credits On Android [Root/No Root]
HOT: How To Get Whatscall Unlimited Credits On Android [Root/No Root]

.) Download WhatsCall app for Android and register =>Download WhatsCall Here<=

2.) After registration, Download GMD Speed time app through this link =>Download GMD Speed Time.apk <=

On this GMD Speed Time app, move the speed time multiplier to x1000 or any desired position as shown above.
Tick “Stop on Screen Off” to auto reset the time when your Android phone goes idle.
Click “Start”
3.) Now, open the downloaded WhatsCall app and move to Get Free Credit>>Just Tap it. 

4.) Then click on “Check Ads! Test Your Luck” and you will be given 100 free airtime instantly, in case it brings any other message other than “you have been given 100 free credit” just press your back button and then re-click on it again.

5). Continue to click and press back until you receive your unlimited free credit without stress until you see this the screenshot below.

WhatsCall Unlimited Credits Without Root
Many people have reasons not to root their Android device. For such categories of persons, this tweak is for you.

1.) On your Android device,go to settings.

2.) Scroll down to Date and time (Maybe different according to the android version you are using).

3.) Tap Date and time.

4.) Turnoff Automatic date and time.

5.) Turnoff Automatic time zone.

6.) Change the date time zone to +1.

7.) Change the time to 3-4 hours ahead

8.) Go back and open WhatsCall  and repeat steps (3) to (5) above.

Final Word
This tip to get WhatsCall Unlimited Credits is the easiest for Android devices with root or if you have any construction game or a game (OFFLINE GAMES ONLY) where levels won is according to time like My talking tom and you want to complete levels quickly,  GMD Speed Time app is needed. You need to increase device clock speed for maximum points. Actually your game sync with the device time and allows you to play.