HOT: How To Use GLO BIS On Android JUNE 2016

Glo free & cheap browsing for 2016 on Android

HOT: How To Use GLO BIS On Android JUNE 2016
HOT: How To Use GLO BIS On Android JUNE 2016 

This Subscription is one of the secured ones for 2016. Gives you 3gb at the cheap
rate of 1000 naira.

There are so many Android data plans for
users but they’re generally costly and offers low value.

Even with the affordable data plans, we find it hard to meet the demands of this jet age
with just some gigabytes. That’s where the
use of glo Bis which worths 3gb on Android to reduce cost of browsing.

In this post, I’ll teach you How To Use Glo
BB Subscription On Android Phone in 2016 Articles on glo Bis cheap free browsing

Meanwhile, before I start, you can still visit
WIKIENT to understand this better with the
below links.

How to subscribe to Glo BlackBerry Monthly Data Plans

1. Recharge the line with 1000 naira airtime and send COMONTH to 777

2. The money will be deducted and you will
receive Glo automated message.

3. Remove your card or restart your phone
to activate your BB subscription on your Android phone.

Note: You don’t need Blackberry to do this.

How To Change Glo APN on Android to use Glo Bis

Now that you have successfully activated
Glo BB subscriptions on your Android phone, the next thing is to change the APN
from default to the one that works.

1. Go to settings—>More—>Mobile Network
—>Access Point Name

2. Create a new APN and use as your new APN, and then set it as default.

And finally, you can restart your device and
start flexing with Glo BB subscriptions on your Android device.

Note : The Glo BB subscriptions is working on Android devices for real, so just follow the steps properly and you’ll soon be browsing free on your android phone With this, using Glo BB subscriptions on your Android device should be the easiest thing now.