LYRICS: Maritemishenibe – Gbade Adetisola

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Verse 1
E go better, e go better, since I was small
E go better, e go better, now I Don old
Monkey dey work, na baboon dey chop
The matter Don tey, when e go stop
Na soso tori we dey hear

Man Don try man no dey tire
Man Don pray, man Don refire
Jehovah dey, He dey answer prayer
One day one day, e go turn to laughter
No matter what I have made a decision
A decision (this is it…)

If naira rise or dollar fall
If fuel scarce or fuel dey
Soldier go, soldier come
At all at all, I go dey alright.

No matter how e hard reach oh
I go see my own comot for there
Everywhere I go, blessing dey follow
I go chop the fruit of this land, Jowo!

Verse 2:
As time dey go, I come dey see
No be by power, no be by hustle
Man dey plant, man dey water
Na only God dey give the increase
So your circumstances no really follow
E nor follow… (this is it)

Repeat Chorus

If your wallet empty oh
And your Bae leave you
You go dey alright
Arami, you go dey alright

If your landlord dey para oh
Oga boss dey plan to fire oh,
You go dey alright
Ore, you go dey alright
Only believe oh (because Baba ti soro)

Chorus…. Till fade….