MusiC :: Ralph Gospel – Dont Forget To Pray!

Every group of people, race, tribe and religion believes in prayer one way or the other. A means of communication to a higher power “The source of all existence” – GOD.

With all the intellectual mentality of man, we sometimes still hit at rocks, the economy still fails, the ozone still wear out, disasters far beyond our control still occur and with one astronomic view through the finest telescope technology has ever produced, there still remain trillions of  miles through galaxies and milky ways for man to ponder.

GOD is real, more real than your very reality and He reaches from the highest of heights to meet man at that point where all intelligence is exhausted to bring help when we pray… Ralph Gospel, Northern Nigerian (Kaduna) based artiste releases his much anticipated R&B hit single “Don’t Forget to Pray” for nations to be reminded of the power of prayer. Despite the world’s organized cosmos system, from the days before until now; prayer still changes things.