NEW: Get MTN 11.5GB Smart Pack For N1000 And How To

MTN STARTPACK, this tariff plan gives you 500% bonus on all your recharge within the range of 6 months. Like when you recharge N200 airtime then you will be given N1000 bonus and more like that. On MTN STARTPACK tariff, you can't transfer airtime just like MTN BetaTalk.

NEW: MTN 11.5GB Smart Pack For N1000 And How To
NEW: MTN 11.5GB Smart Pack For N1000 And How To 

On this new tariff plan, there's a hidden juicy package in it which some many of you haven't discover. You might now wonder, What's the hidden juicy pack? The hidden juicy package is actually something big which you must not try to miss. Do you know that on MTN STARTPACK 500%, you can get 11.5GB worth of data for just N1000? Haha, I know you are already smiling. Okay let's ride on to the big deal.
How To Get  MTN 11.5GB For N1000 On MTN STARTPACK With 500% Bonus

Don't worry guys the steps are very explicit and easy to do even for a 5 year old kid

Detailed Step On The MTN 11.5GB For N1000 (MTN SMART PACK)

1. Get new MTN STARTPACK sim from any MTN retailer shop

2. Register it and wait for it to activate (like after 24 hours)

3. Now  Recharged N100 and you will given N500 bonus to call and browse

4. Don't use it for calling, Just use it only for browsing.

5. N500 bonus will give you 1GB data

6.  Times 10 recharege of N100 will give you 10GB data and your N1000 will be untouched

7. You can use the N1000 to later call or
activated MTN 1.5GB for N1000

8. Keep doing this until 6 months complete because the 500% bonus stops after 6 Months.

This Package works on all device with issues. Am currently posting this content via MTN 500% bonus.

Don't waste much time and lay hold on this offer! MTN.

If you have any question just drop it below and be sure to get a good reply