See how to Customize System font on Android using Your Handwriting

Fonts are described as type size, weight and size of a typeface. We can choose to select provided fonts on android system by default, but none can be customized. Generally, it takes a rooted android device to integrate a third party font system which is applicable in most cases and works for all messaging unit.

Recently, someone ask, “what if we can use our handwriting to make a system font on our android?” the question might look strange to you because you’ve never taught of it, but I’m happy to bring the good news to you, as its now possible to make system fonts on android using our handwriting. Cool isn’t it?

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to use your handwriting as system font on any android. But there are few procedures to follow and you’re gamed. As the blurred feature is a very advanced features that is already integrated on iOS devices by default, but not on android.

How to use your Handwriting as System font on Android?

1.       Firstly, you’ll need to visit the source website to customize fonts with your handwriting, simply visit

2.       After that, on the website page, you’re to download the template as either PDF or PNG and then print it.

3.       Once you’ve printed the page, you’re to fill the printed pages with black pen, simply replace the transparent letters with your own handwriting

4.       Next, you’ll need to scan the printed document. I know that most of you might be thinking of using the scanner machine, but the fact remains that you don’t need the scanner machine; our android system now makes everything easy that you can use your camera to scan documents. All you need is the app named “CamScanner”. Download the app to scan the printed document using your android.

5.       After that, you’ll need to go back to the site your downloaded the script from (as revealed in step 1) and upload the scanned file, then give the font any name you desire to give it.