#1. Invalidness of Lord Hanuman’s Death News:

It is being claimed by the priest and the followers of lord hanuman’s preachings that he has been bestowed to be on this earth as long as Lord Ram’s tale and the name was still heard and read. So far no manuscript or mythology has exacted or supported the death news of lord Hanuman while his birth and existence on earth has been described.

#2. Popular Real Photo of Lord Hanuman:
The above-mentioned photo of lord hanuman has been widely circulated by people claiming it as the real one. It is being said that this photo has been clicked by a devotee accidentally in 1988 while the original owner hasn’t been named so far. There is a hearsay that he didn’t survive after snapping the photo of lord Hanuman.

#3. Giant Footprints of Lord Hanuman:
Many alleged pieces of evidence of Ramayana, such as giant footsteps are believed to be of lord Hanuman which might have formed during while he aroused himself to take any other step towards goddess Sita.

#4. Existence of Hanuman Through All Ages:

Since his description in Ramayana which happened in Treta Yuga, Mahabharata’s Dwapar Yuga and the to the advent of Kali Yuga, lord Hanuman’s existence is said to be in that respect in all ages.

#5. Lord Hanuman Graced Sage Madhavarcharya:
A few Hindu priests who are aware of say that Sage Madhavarcharya was embellished with Lord Hanuman in 13th Century AD

#6. Tulsidas Hindi Ramayana Compilation:
A few learned sages claimed that Saint Tulsidas was visited by lord Hanuman was barracked to compile Hindi Ramayana which is said to be a real life incident happened to be of Kali Yuga.

#7. Lord Hanuman Witnessed by Many Other Saints:
Hindu religious sources add-on that since then lord Hanuman has graced darshan of him Ramadas Swami, Raghavendra Swami, Swami Ramdas and Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

#8. Currently Living at a Mountain near Rameshwaram:

As of now it is being said that after the battle of Ramayana between lord Rama and Ravana, the lord ideal of force, power to be living at a mountain near Rameshwaram. Credits: Allindiaroundup



– Many across the world, including presidents, believe in prophecies that come from Nigeria’s popular cleric TB Joshua – The prophet, whose church is headquartered in Lagos, has revealed who among Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election Popular Nigerian prophet Temitope Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) has revealed the winner of the presidential election in the United States of America even though the actual result is yet to be officially announced.

Prophet Tb Joshua Reveals Who Win The US Presidential Election
Prophet Tb Joshua Reveals Who Win The US Presidential Election

The election is basically between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and Prophet Joshua whose videos are known to surface immediately after events, made his prediction with specifics ahead of the conclusion of the exercise.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter TB Joshua predicts winner of the US election TB Joshua, who has successfully predicted major world events and incidents, did not mention any particular name but said he saw a woman as the winner of the election.

If that is the case therefore, it means Hillary is the predicted winner of the election and successor to Barack Obama, who is leaving the seat after two terms as president.

The revered prophet made his prediction on the church’s official Facebook wall. “Ten days ago, I saw the new president of America with a narrow win. The new Ppesident will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new president. The boat of the new president will be rocked.

 “By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman,” he predicted.




 This photograph shows a dying four-year-old girl and makes no attempt to disguise the stark reality of her suffering.

It was shared by the girl’s father Andy Whelan on Facebook after he took the photo this week. 4 year old Jessica has terminal cancer and has just weeks to live.

Within 24 hours, Jessica’s photo had reached half a million people. The outpouring of empathy was overwhelming. An anguished howl of sorrow reverberated round the world.

cancer-girl-2Jessica, before she had cancer

Why did Andy and his partner Nicky Prendergrast, Jessica’s mother, decide to share their family’s grief and their daughter’s distress in such an uncompromising way?


‘We knew the photo would challenge people, that it would evoke strong emotions,’ Andy
says. ‘And I battled with myself: should we share this? But I knew it needed to be seen.

‘So many photos show smiling bald children in hospital wards surrounded by santas, actors and celebrities, their happy faces full of hope, which is uplifting. But this is not the everyday face of childhood cancer, which is brutal and painful and shocking.

We wanted to strip away the sentimentality, to make people aware of what cancer does to a child in the final weeks of life.

‘This is the true face of the disease: my little girl’s blood vessels visible under her skin, a solitary tear running down her cheek, her body stiff and her face contorted with pain.

‘It was taken at the moment when we, her parents, could offer her no comfort, during a flare-up of pain before her fast-acting morphine had taken effect, Jessica pushing us away as she rode out her searing pain in solitude.

Andy took the painful photo last Saturday only days after he and Nicki had learned that their only daughter — who had been fighting cancer for 13 months — had only weeks left to live.

A month earlier, they had made the decision that Jessica had suffered enough; that as she could never be cured of the awful disease that was ravaging her small body, she should endure no more treatment to prolong her life.


The endless hospital visits, the cannulas administering strong drugs, the fresh agony to her tiny pain-racked frame — all of it should end and she should come home to Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, for palliative care and to die in her little bed next to her parents’ bigger one, surrounded by her teddies and the family who adored her.

Death from cancer is not a quiet slipping away,’ says Andy. ‘It is hell. And there was part of me, too, that knew I would need to look back on a photo of Jessica as she suffered excruciating pain so I would be able to say: “We made the right decision in not prolonging her treatment.”

‘Of course we want to hold onto her for ever. We cannot bear the thought of losing her. But seeing her suffer is agony, too, and we cannot wish on her a life of pain just so she can stay with us longer.

‘So when I look at that photo in a future without Jessica, I will be able to remind myself of the terrible pain she endured and the fact it has mercifully ended.’

Since Andy posted the image on his Facebook page, the outpouring of love for Jessica and sympathy for her family has buoyed them.

Donations have poured into a fundraising page Andy set up. Even the One Direction singer Harry Styles read about her, rang Andy and has promised to make a special recording for her.


‘The response from around the world has been so overwhelming and positive,’ Andy says. ‘Families who have been through the same anguish as us have commended us. Parents of healthy children have sent their thoughts and prayers.

‘Now I hope this photo of Jessica will become iconic, that it will help to raise awareness of our daughter’s disease and, through that, funding for research.

‘She has a rare cancer, an aggressive stage four neuroblastoma, and I’d never heard of it until she was diagnosed. With this photo I do not mean to offend or upset; I do mean however to educate; even to shock.

‘My hope is that the day will come when no child will have to suffer Jessica’s pain, because science will have found a cure; and no parent will have to bear witness to their own flesh and blood deteriorating daily.’

Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the nerve cells, usually occurring in the abdomen, and is diagnosed in around 100 children every year in the UK. Most of them, like Jessica, are under five.

Andy recalls the daughter she was before the escalating nightmare enveloped them.

‘She was a delight,’ he says. ‘So easy to look after, so much fun to be around and bursting with such energy.
‘She loved her Barbie dolls. She was our perfect little princess, but she could be a tomboy as well. One minute she’d be having her nails painted, the next she’d jump in a pile of horse manure.

‘She has a real thirst for knowledge, too; an inquisitiveness. She needed to know what and why about everything and she was excelling at her little nursery school.

‘Manners were important to her. They still are. Last night I took a brew up to her in bed and she said: “Thank you, Daddy.” ’ He pauses, momentarily choked.

Good news for the prospective freshmen of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka as the much anticipated admission list for the 2016/2017 academic year will be out before Sunday, the 6th day of November, 2016.

Details About Unizik Admission list
Unizik Admission List

This was disclosed by the director of information and public relations of the University, Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu few minutes ago while responding to a question by one Stanley Kings on his facebook timeline.

According to Dr. Ojukwu, "Admission list will be out before Sunday".
We've got a screenshot of the reply, See Below:

REPLY: Unizik Set Date To Release Admission List
REPLY: Unizik Set Date To Release Admission List

Meanwhile, below is the time table for resumption for the 2016/2017 academic calendar as published by image maker.


The Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka wishes to inform all students of the
University that resumption for the 2016/2017 academic session has been
scheduled as follows:

v Monday, November 7, 2016
Final year and first batch of fresh students return and continue payment of
fees and registration process

v Monday, November 21, 2016
All other students return

v Monday, November 28, 2016
Lectures will commence for all students
Students should note that 75% attendance to lectures is a pre-condition for participating in examinations.

Dr. Emmanuel C. Ojukwu
Director, Information and Public Relations

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