SHOCKING: 8 Real Life Signs That Proofs Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive

#1. Invalidness of Lord Hanuman’s Death News:

It is being claimed by the priest and the followers of lord hanuman’s preachings that he has been bestowed to be on this earth as long as Lord Ram’s tale and the name was still heard and read. So far no manuscript or mythology has exacted or supported the death news of lord Hanuman while his birth and existence on earth has been described.

#2. Popular Real Photo of Lord Hanuman:
The above-mentioned photo of lord hanuman has been widely circulated by people claiming it as the real one. It is being said that this photo has been clicked by a devotee accidentally in 1988 while the original owner hasn’t been named so far. There is a hearsay that he didn’t survive after snapping the photo of lord Hanuman.

#3. Giant Footprints of Lord Hanuman:
Many alleged pieces of evidence of Ramayana, such as giant footsteps are believed to be of lord Hanuman which might have formed during while he aroused himself to take any other step towards goddess Sita.

#4. Existence of Hanuman Through All Ages:

Since his description in Ramayana which happened in Treta Yuga, Mahabharata’s Dwapar Yuga and the to the advent of Kali Yuga, lord Hanuman’s existence is said to be in that respect in all ages.

#5. Lord Hanuman Graced Sage Madhavarcharya:
A few Hindu priests who are aware of say that Sage Madhavarcharya was embellished with Lord Hanuman in 13th Century AD

#6. Tulsidas Hindi Ramayana Compilation:
A few learned sages claimed that Saint Tulsidas was visited by lord Hanuman was barracked to compile Hindi Ramayana which is said to be a real life incident happened to be of Kali Yuga.

#7. Lord Hanuman Witnessed by Many Other Saints:
Hindu religious sources add-on that since then lord Hanuman has graced darshan of him Ramadas Swami, Raghavendra Swami, Swami Ramdas and Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

#8. Currently Living at a Mountain near Rameshwaram:

As of now it is being said that after the battle of Ramayana between lord Rama and Ravana, the lord ideal of force, power to be living at a mountain near Rameshwaram. Credits: Allindiaroundup